Ingenious safety solutions that work

Ingenious safety solutions that work

Acusafe develops the smartest solutions to enhance safety and maximise wellbeing on worksites and in buildings, facilities, public transport, vehicles and vessels.

Our innovative fixtures and fittings are designed to outperform ‘standard’ products through inspired design backed by outstanding quality and versatility.

Acusafe solutions are based on years of research and development, including world-first safety rails contoured to the shape of a closed hand for superior support and control.

They work because they focus precisely on the intended purpose and environment, including everyday challenges, potential emergencies and changing conditions. Importantly, they are driven by the specific behaviour and needs of users.

At Acusafe, we simply think outside the square to pinpoint the unique features that will maximise grip, minimise slip, reduce excessive physical effort and provide exceptional support and stability whenever it’s needed.

From major construction projects to hospital showers, our solutions help prevent accidents, injuries and muscle strains while boosting comfort and ease. They are proven through independent testing and trusted use across Australia every day of the year.

All our products are subject to exceptional quality control to withstand sustained and heavy traffic – bringing ongoing value and peace-of-mind. Simple to install and easy to clean, they meet infection control standards for health and aged-care facilities, as well as Australian building and safety regulations.

Our practical insight and client focus brings incredible versatility, with custom fabrication available, and a choice of materials and sizes to suit your needs.


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