Raising the bar

Raising The BarAt Acusafe, we raise the bar in safety by providing solutions that are not only clever but practical.

We pinpoint complex and challenging safety issues with smart, quality solutions that outperform traditional alternatives.

Practical inspiration

  • Unique and progressive solutions built on research, product development and a deep understanding of real applications, environments and users.
  • Proven results in wide-ranging conditions
  • All products independently tested for quality and effectiveness.
  • Demonstrated performance for real customers.


  • Flexibility to suit a wide variety of applications and environments.
  • Custom fabrication available.

Quality and durability

  • Built to withstand tough conditions and demanding use.
  • Premium materials, rigorous quality control and testing.
  • Australian-designed.

Simplicity and style

  • Easy to install.
  • Meet or exceed Australian regulations and standards.
  • Readily available and efficient turnaround.
  • Modern and stylish aesthetics.

Clean and hygienic

  • Easy to clean, helping prevent the spread of bacteria.
  • Meet infection control standards for health and aged-care facilities.


  • VOC friendly nature of stainless steel.
  • 100% recyclable.