Architects & Specifiers

Architects & Specifiers

Acusafe helps you deliver breakthrough safety solutions that combine proven performance with enduring quality and innate style.

Our innovative technology, inspired design and premium materials are backed by independent research and value for money.

Like you, we like to stand out through surprising practicality. With solutions including the world’s first safety rails designed to ‘fit’ a closed human hand, choosing Acusafe demonstrates a serious commitment to people’s safety and comfort.

Best of all, our cost-effective products are easy to install, incredibly strong and durable. They are built to minimise risk while maximising wellbeing, ease and accessibility in buildings, facilities, vehicles and vessels across the nation.

The KAG Safety Rail can be used as its name suggests and for bed, towel and shower rails as well as grab and hand rails – anywhere real ‘grip’ is needed the most.  Through a world-leading innovation it’s also extra fitting for healthcare and hygienic environments.  Acusafe has developed a fully sealed fixing to prevent the build-up of bacteria.  Unlike competing products, Acusafe’s fitting solution offers outstanding cleanability being completely sealed with no gaps.