There’s no doubt that safety must come first for the construction industry, with nearly twice the average fatality rate of all Australian industries.

In fact, construction recorded the fourth highest rate of serious injury and illness claims of all 17 industries in 2009–10.2

At Acusafe, we help boost construction worker safety – helping you demonstrate your commitment to protecting people, meet deadlines and KPIs, and reduce injury claims.

All building sites, particularly large and complex projects, present clear and serious risks. We deliver simple solutions to help you get on with your project efficiently, knowing threats are minimised through outstanding products that are proven to help prevent slips, falls, muscle strains and other injuries.

Whether your staff are working at heights, in confined spaces, climbing ladders or negotiating scaffolding, we can provide the superior support and ready grip they need to do their jobs calmly and safely. This can be achieved through leading solutions such as our KAG Safety Rail which is designed to be specifically used for safety rails, grab rails, and hand rails in environments where safety is the top priority.


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