Providing confidence to the elderly

Providing confidence to the elderly

Client & industry

  • Lutheran Community Care – Trinder Park Rest Home, QLD
  • Residential aged-care facility

Real safety issues

With around 150 elderly residents, safety and comfort are top priorities at Trinder Park. Whether it’s performing everyday activities, improving mobility or feeling secure in wet environments, residents and their families need to participate in everyday life without fear of accidents and injuries. Trinder Park also wanted to boost corridor lighting for night staff without a hefty increase in expenses.

Inspired safety solutions

After seeing KAG Safety Rails at the Brisbane Safety Show, facility managers decided they were the perfect way to boost resident safety, movement and confidence in key areas of the facility. The addition of fibre-optic lights to rails was also the ideal, low-cost solution for better night lighting.

Genuine results

  • Improved safety and confidence for residents and night staff.
  • Cost-effective inclusion of fibre-optic lights in safety rails, improving night lighting in corridors.
  • A clean, modern look for a facility that strives to provide a beautiful environment.

Real words

“We have found the KAG Safety Rail to be the most comfortable and easy to grip; it has given the residents more confidence when they grip the rails and they’re all very impressed with the look as well. Given any opportunity, this is the handrail of choice for this site for comfort, price and choice.”

Greg Svoboda, Trinder Park Rest Homes