Manufacturing / Industrial

Manufacturing / Industrial

In 2009–10, the manufacturing industry recorded nearly twice the average incidence rate for ‘all industries’, based on claims for serious work-related injuries or illnesses*.

From food to metals production, the factory floor can be hazardous. Acusafe understands these risks and develops the most effective safety solutions while delivering real value for money.

Throughout factory floors and thoroughfares, in and around machinery, and on higher mezzanine corridors, we take safety to a new level with innovative products that prevent slips, trips and falls that can lead to serious injury and lost productivity.

Our solutions are made specifically for heavy use and industrial environments, with durable materials that don’t rust – promoting a safer workplace, day after day.  They include the world-first KAG Safety Rail which can be used as its name suggests and for grab rails, ladder rails and hand rails.


*Key Work Health and Safety Statistics Booklet Australia 2012