Superior safety for gripping rescues

Superior safety for gripping rescues

Client & industry

  • Southport’s Volunteer Marine Rescue (VMR), QLD
  • Marine

 Real safety issues

During search and rescue operations, skippers often face terrible weather conditions. With water gushing over the vessel’s bow, the handrails become slippery and can threaten the safety of both skipper and crew.

 Inspired safety solutions

To improve safety and control in challenging emergency situations, two Grade-316 KAG Safety Rails were installed in Southport VMR’s eight-metre Noosa Cat ‘Marine Rescue 2’ vessel.

 Genuine results

  • The KAG Safety Rails have proven their effectiveness in all types of weather.
  • Thirty skippers who work in rotation provided consistently positive feedback, with the rail offering improved grip when they need it most.
  • Client feedback shows the rail offers superior holding capacity in both wet and dry conditions without compromising strength.

 Real words

“Being able to fit our fingers into the ridges gives us a better grip and makes the operation much safer. I would have no hesitation in recommending this rail to any boatie who wanted to increase the safety of their crew while onboard a vessel.”

Ken Gibbs, VMR Unit Training Coordinator