Unique features & benefits

Unique features & benefits

The KAG Safety Rail is not only practical but clever.

Proven results in any conditions

  • Independently tested by the Queensland University of Technology.
  • Proven to increase grip by up to 80% in wet, up to 160% in dry and up to 300% in oily conditions compared to standard ‘smooth’ handrails.
  • Demonstrated performance for real customers.


  • Wide range of sizes and materials, including stainless steel, aluminium, brass and copper.
  • Designed to fit any hand size and available in left or right-handed configurations.
  • Custom fabrication available.
  • Services such as water, electrical, air/gas and data can be concealed inside the rail.

Quality and durability

  • Built to withstand tough conditions and demanding use.
  • Australian-designed, premium materials, rigorous quality control and testing.
  • Rust resistant.

Simplicity and style

  • Easy to install, modern and stylish
  • Meets or exceed all relevant regulations.
  • Readily available and efficient turnaround.

Clean and hygienic rail

  • Easy to clean, helping prevent the spread of bacteria.
  • Meets infection control standards for health and aged-care facilities.
  • Examined by infectious control at Redland Bay Hospital, achieving a 5-star rating for cleanability.


  • Low VOC and 100% recyclable.


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